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Who am I ?

My name is Franklin Golay ,osteopath D.O.T.O. graduate from the osteopathy institute of Toulouse(France) ,I have obtained the european diploma with a 6 year training .I use structural techniques, cranials ,viscerales and fasciales, choosing the best suitable one for each of my patients:from babies to the elderly ,as well as pregnant women and athletes.

I work and collaborate with doctors, dentists, orthoptists, podiatrists, psychologists and other corporate associations, to ensure a total quality care. I work with big companies to propose osteopathy to employees. I am also an Osteopathy profesor in DolmenSalut.

Osteopathy : For who ?

Pricing and Booking

Adults : 60 €
Babies and Children : 50 €
Home : 100 €

**Cash and credit card

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