Ostéopathie Générale


Osteopathy is a manual therapy , it's goal is to identify and treat the restrictions that affect the mobility of the different structures and joints of the human body. The osteopath exercises in a frame work of a global approach of the individual based on in-depth knowledge of the human anatomy and psychology. This therapy requires profound knowledge on how the human body interacts and works.

Osteopathy is based on 3 original concepts :

- The hand, analyzing and care tool
- The overall inclusion of the individual
- The principle of tissular balance

This helps the person to handle itself, in a responsable and independent way, it's ‘’ heritage of life ‘’ so that person can face each day , with confidence.



Child birth can be the first trauma for the baby. We sometimes find difficulties needing the use of spaulas, succion cups, forceps, or even during C-sections, episiotomy, etc. That will influence the mobility of the skull's joint and that can cause immediate functional disorders or during the growth of the child (bad postures, difficulties sleeping, vomiting, torticolis, bad digestion). The osteopath will be able to improve and optimize the growth of the child. « Mother-baby" sessions will be available at BCN Osteopatia.



At the age of learning how to walk and significant growth, falls, even the slightest, can provoque different disorders : sleep, focus, scoliose, bad posture. Currently, we increasingly use dental braces and many orthodontists work in collaboration with osteopaths to achieve success in the treatment and for the child's comfort. The orthodontic brace is supported on the skull's structure to leverage on the jaw and teeth, affecting the postural system. Therefore a follow-up is necessary to reduce pain, control and guide the reactions of the skull and body. Your osteopath will ask you for your child's health record, to study his follow-up.



All loss of mobility in the joints, the muscles, ligaments or internal organs can provoke imbalance in health condition. This manifests to the athlete with various symptoms, from simple contractions to chronic pain. In any case altering performances. Consulting is imperative to prevent, to care for, and to re-balance the axes of articular mobility. Effective as well for tendinitis, sciatica, cervicalgies, lombalgies, balance and sleep disorders. Each spirt requires articular adjustments, from an osteopath point of view, in order to not alter the patients performances.


Pregnancy and Post Partum

Pregnancy is a very important time in a woman’s life. It is necessary to have a permanent adjustment for the entire body as well as for the postural level improving the embryo growth. The daily weight gain, even the slightest, create changes of the center of gravity, thus a modification of the articular axes. The baby's growth modifies the visceral organization of the mothers body and reduces the amplitude of the diaphragmatic mouvement, lumbar and back dysfunctions could affect the mother. Consulting an osteopath during pregnancy helps you manage in the best possible way these different steps, through soft technics, specific and adapted to each. It is interesting to consult every trimester and it is advised to consult before birth to prepare the mothers pelvis. Consulting a month after child birth will be beneficial for the mother, so that a good articular mobility is regained, and if needed for her baby as well.

Adults and workers

Adults and workers

A person stays several hours a day in the same position. Start to appear : sleep disorders, reduced concentration at work, increase of stress, chronic pain, and morally worn out. Regular osteopathic care is even more essential to the human body, than a véhicule inspection, avoiding accidents and premature wear.



Our body is subject to transformations, that gradually lead all functions to decreace, favoring the appearence of disabilities. These restrictions can lead to a loss of autonomy, and isolation and have a significant impact on a psychological and social level. Promoting the « getting old better" , maintaining an overall physical and psychological good condition by a preventive action throughout life, garanties ones healhy living and improves the quality of life. Daily excercises and councel will be advisable.



Osteopathy is part of those so called « first intention" medical professions. For very painful problems or even inflammatory, your osteopath can help you, with different medical tests ( of exclusion, of opportunities) he will rapidly make a first diagnostic fallowed by treatment if the test allows it, or a rapid decision will be made ( rest, medical reorientation). He will take zero risks. He will be able to redirect you to a professional more able to help you, indicate an emergency center for you, or see your family doctor. We will welcome patients in our center, or we will come to your home.